HR Business Leader of the Year 2022’ Award at CEO Awards 2022

Colombo, Feb 27 – Heshani Kaumadi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of InTalent Asia, has been named the ‘HR Business Leader of the Year 2022’ at the recently held CEO Awards 2022. The CEO Awards is a prestigious platform that recognizes top-performing leaders and achievers in Sri Lanka, designed to acknowledge business leaders and executives in various categories.

Expressing her gratitude on the win, Heshani Kaumadi said, “I am beyond thankful to have been recognized by CEO Sri Lanka as the ‘HR Business Leader of the Year 2022’. I am grateful to each and every member of the InTalent Asia team, and everyone else who supported me in achieving this award, as this honor is attributed to all their efforts as well.”

Heshani Kaumadi is a highly experienced Human Resources Professional who has played a significant role in building InTalent Asia into one of Sri Lanka’s leading Search & HR Services companies in Asia. With extensive experience as an Executive Search & HR Consultant for many corporates, Heshani’s invaluable experience and expertise have helped InTalent Asia’s clients maximize their investment.

InTalent Asia operates in over 20 countries worldwide and is Sri Lanka’s leading recruitment company, serving both local and multinational organizations based in Sri Lanka and Asia. InTalent Asia offers tailor-made HR services and solutions to help businesses achieve success, with a client base that spans a broad range of sectors, including Information Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing, Finance, Retail, and more.

InTalent Asia’s vision is to become the number one Search & HR Services company in Asia, and Heshani Kaumadi’s win at the CEO Awards 2022 is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to achieving this goal. Heshani’s dedication to excellence and her contributions to the HR industry have undoubtedly helped pave the way for InTalent Asia’s continued success.

InTalent Asia is a Human Resources company that operates in over 20 countries around the world. It is Sri Lanka’s number one recruitment company that serves a plethora of both local and multinational organizations based in Sri Lanka and Asia. InTalent Asia’s ultimate aim is to help businesses achieve success through tailor-made HR Services & Solutions. For more information about InTalent Asia, please visit their website.

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