A Skilful Venture of Resilience – Founder & CEO Of Intalent Asia, Heshani Kaumadi

Heshani Kaumadi, Founder & CEO at InTalent Asia, who has taken up life for all of its ups and downs, has always admired the warrior in her, who ensured she was self-sufficient at all times. She said that she had always known what career route she intended to take, leaving no room for hesitation. She now looks back on her career with humble pride, having taken the first step toward human resource management when she was still in school.

After having obtained her degree, she chose a postgraduate diploma to further strengthen her know-how in the industry, allowing her to face challenges with confidence and knowledge. With her natural flair for people management and her uncanny interest in succeeding in the field, Heshani finds that her goal is not too far off and that with the right motivation she is well on her way to the top. She believes that these initial steps played a major part in her success story, arming her with all the right weapons of knowledge and experience to swiftly manoeuvre her career journey.

As a thriving female entrepreneur in a world that is yet to fully relieve itself from the grasp of patriarchy, Heshani certainly manifested her courageous vision in her early days.

“I chose to pursue my childhood goal of being an entrepreneur. Starting my own business came with challenges but being an independent female entrepreneur in this environment has allowed me to demonstrate what a female entrepreneur can do. My goals have been met thus far, but I’d like to believe that in the future, I’d like to continue aspiring and flourishing to be a successful female entrepreneur and a role model for all young females who dream to be entrepreneurs!”

Allowing us a hint of her extensive learning throughout the years, the heroine believes that having priorities is a very important part of building a successful life. “I am convinced that having clearly defined priorities can help you become more organized and focused on accomplishing your final objective. It serves as a stepping stone to higher ground, whether in your professional or personal life. Training myself to prioritize my chores and objectives was a challenge since it involves a lot of focus and effort, but the benefits are well worth it, and it is crucial to prioritize your work regardless of your level of success.”

According to her, even the daily chores, as insignificant as they may sound, play a significant part in helping one get used to concentration and maintaining focus. She believes that this subtle practice will be carried on to the future, polished to be concentrated on life goals and career success. While productivity solely lies on energy and prioritization, the tricky part is to figure out which task deserves your energy first and foremost. “If you don’t prioritize properly, you’ll be wasting a lot of your time, energy, and attention on activities that aren’t as vital, deplete you too much, or aren’t as urgent as others. Essentially, you’ll never be as productive as you want to be if you don’t prioritise well. Being realistic and weighing the value of what fulfils your goals is crucial for success. Prioritization is the key element to career success if productivity is the goal. Without it, you won’t be able to unlock the lock!” stated Heshani, confidently.

During a time when the whole of Sri Lanka is experiencing great economic difficulties, the entrepreneurs and management of businesses are faced with brand new issues to solve in order to persist in the corporate sector. Discussing in this perspective and in managing the overall success of the business, she believes one important aspect of staying on top of the game is the relationship maintained with the stakeholders. According to her, the attention given towards vigorously addressing their needs and wants and catering for their satisfaction should be a top priority for any succeeding firm. Sadly, she believes that this is still a value that is being looked over by many companies.

Heshani believes that devotion and patience go hand in hand when it comes to building a brand to reach its peak. As commonly known, a winner is just a loser that decides to try one more time. Despite setbacks and continuous fall through, one must be courageous and patient enough to stick to the original goal. Taking risks has the potential to make or break you, and in Heshani’s perspective, these are great odds, considering that when a risk works out, you need never look back again. The new doors a risk leads you to be endless, coupled up with opportunities, challenges, advantages and overall growth leading to business success. A failure during this time should always count as an opportunity to gain experience, which will eventually push you through to the right ways of doing things. “Being able to be among the top recruitment company in Sri Lanka and extend our services to companies in the rest of Asia amplify the effectiveness of strategies that we have been following”, added the humble protagonist, who looks forward to shedding a light on upcoming generations of leaders with her vast know-how in the tricky world of business.

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