“Spread the Joy of Education”

Education is the process which aids learning, acquiring knowledge and skills to one’s character. It differentiates us from other living beings on earth and an essential tool to that imparts knowledge to improve one’s life.

To say education is important is an understatement. Education for a child begins at home and it is a lifelong process that ends with death. It empowers humans and gets them ready to face challenges of life efficiently.

People become more mature with the help of education. It enables children to express their views and thoughts efficiently as they grow up. Education still remains a luxury and not a necessity in our country therefore educational awareness needs to be spread throughout the country to make education accessible to every child.

But, this remains incomplete without first analyzing the importance of education.

To spread more awareness of the importance of learning, All Saints’ Tamil Youth Society gave us the opportunity to take part in being a helping hand by providing Books, School bags and Stationaries at the “Book Donation Event” held on the 12th of June 2022 at the All Saints’ Church Borella.

Education is a doorway to success!


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