CEO of InTalent Asia Discussing the Importance of Empowering Women in Cyberspace this International Women’s Day with Hithawathi!

Colombo, Sri Lanka – On March 13th, 2023, Hithawathi, an Initiative by LK Domain, hosted an event at the Marco Polo Lounge Excel World in Colombo 02 in honor of International Women’s Day. The event brought together a diverse group of speakers, including our CEO, Heshani Kaumadi, to discuss the importance of empowering women in cyberspace.

As a leading figure in the tech industry, Heshani Kaumadi shared her insights on how women can be empowered in the digital world. She emphasized the need for women to be confident and assertive in the online space, and to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them. She also highlighted the importance of creating a safe and inclusive online environment for women, and how this can be achieved through education, awareness, and policy initiatives.

Other eminent speakers also addressed the audience, offering their perspectives on women’s empowerment and digital inclusion. The event was attended by a large and engaged audience, including representatives from the tech industry, government, and civil society.

In her speech, Heshani Kaumadi praised the efforts of Hithawathi and LK Domain in promoting women’s empowerment in Sri Lanka. She highlighted the need for more initiatives like this, and called on all stakeholders to work together to create a more equitable and inclusive digital society.

Overall, the event was a great success, sparking important conversations and inspiring action towards greater gender equality in cyberspace. We look forward to continuing our work with Hithawathi and other partners to promote women’s empowerment and digital inclusion in Sri Lanka and beyond.

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