InTalent Asia Expands its Presence in MENA Region with New Legal Entity in Dubai, UAE

InTalent Asia, a leading recruitment firm specializing in headhunting, executive search, recruitment, RPO, and PEO services, proudly announces the establishment of its new legal entity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This expansion marks a significant milestone in InTalent Asia’s commitment to serving clients in the MENA region and strengthening its presence in key markets.

With the opening of the new office in Dubai, InTalent Asia solidifies its position as a trusted partner in talent acquisition and comprehensive HR solutions for clients across diverse industries in the MENA region. This strategic move enables InTalent Asia to enhance its headhunting and executive search capabilities, delivering exceptional recruitment solutions tailored to the unique needs of its esteemed clients.

InTalent Asia, under the leadership of Heshani Kaumadi, Founder and CEO, is renowned for its expertise in providing top-tier professionals through executive search and headhunting services, as well as offering comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and professional employer organization (PEO) solutions. The establishment of the legal entity in Dubai further strengthens InTalent Asia’s ability to serve as a strategic talent acquisition partner, fostering strategic partnerships and delivering outstanding outcomes for clients throughout the MENA region.

“We are excited to expand our presence in the MENA region with the establishment of our legal entity in Dubai,” said Heshani Kaumadi, Founder and CEO of InTalent Asia. “This strategic move allows us to better support our clients’ talent needs and further solidify our position as a leading recruitment firm offering executive search, headhunting, RPO, and PEO services.”

InTalent Asia’s expansion in the MENA region reflects its commitment to delivering exceptional recruitment services and HR solutions. The company’s continued growth and success can be attributed to its client-centric approach, extensive industry knowledge, and the leadership of Heshani Kaumadi, who brings years of experience and expertise to the organization.

For more information about InTalent Asia’s expanded presence in the MENA region and its range of services, including headhunting, executive search, recruitment, RPO, and PEO solutions, please visit or contact the InTalent Asia team at

About InTalent Asia:

InTalent Asia offers comprehensive HR solutions and recruitment services tailored to meet the diverse needs of organizations across various industries. With our expertise in PEO, EOR, RPO, head hunting, and executive search, we connect businesses with top talent worldwide. Experience excellence in HR partnerships with InTalent Asia.

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